Born & Raised in Pittsburgh

Hey Moonwalkers,
From the city that built the world's first gas station in 1913, to the world's first Mass Transit Busway System in 1964, comes another transportation revolution–the world's fastest shoes.
That’s right. We created Moonwalkers from scratch right here in Pittsburgh, PA. We are at the center of a global robotics hub, spurring from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute. Sure, we’re leveraging our vertically integrated global supply chain for the best quality at scale, but we couldn’t be prouder to call Pittsburgh home. 
If you are in Pittsburgh, swing by the office and say hello!
Shift Team
Other Pittsburgh firsts:
The first radio station, the first movie theater, the first T.V. station, The Big Mac, the first banana split, the first baseball stadium, the first world series, and the first long-distance electric current (AC from Westinghouse).
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