Fully funded on Kickstarter!

Dear Moonwalkers Backers,
You amazed us! Thanks to you, we achieved our $90,000 goal in less than 52 hours, and the momentum continues!
We've been overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the questions, comments, and words of support flowing into our inboxes. Please keep it coming! We're doing our best to answer everyone's questions promptly, and if we haven't gotten back to you yet, we will shortly.
We are also busy filming several raw demo videos that will give you a deeper look into how Moonwalkers perform in various scenarios on sidewalks - bumps, cracks, potholes, stairs, emergency stops, and the list goes on and on.
We can't wait for you to walk in Moonwalkers. It truly is a magical experience. So please share our project on Facebook(Shift Robotics), Twitter(@shiftrobotics), Instagram(@shiftrobotics), or email the project (http://kck.st/3f0meT2) to a friend. Every bit of support will shape the future of urban mobility.
Thank you!
Everyone from Shift Team
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