1) About

What are Moonwalkers?

Moonwalkers provide a gentle motorized push with each step, increasing stride and speed. The artificial intelligence software driving Moonwalkers measures and adjusts on-the-fly to both the terrain you're on and your unique gait, providing safe and productive personal mobility.

2) Why Moonwalkers

Business Benefits

Moonwalkers increase warehouse productivity by over 200% immediately, And they pay for themselves in under ONE month.

  • Over 2x More Productive

    Less walking equals less fatigue and stress on your body. Moonwalkers feature an ergonomic hinge system that allows you to naturally bend at the toe to preserve mobility and balance.

  • Handsfree

    No controllers or remotes. Moonwalkers use foot-activated gestures to toggle between LOCK, TRAINING, and SHIFT Modes. This allows your employees to keep both hands free for the task at hand.

  • Climb Stairs and Navigate Tight Spaces

    When navigating tight spaces or climbing stairs, Moonwalkers' LOCK mode keeps the wheels locked so you're in control.

  • Under 1 Month Payback Period

    The average productivity improvements from using Moonwalkers offset the initial investment in less than one month.

  • Higher Employee Retention

    Moonwalkers make walking more fun, which means greater job satisfaction and overall employee happiness.

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Case Study: PC Liquidations

  • Jacksonville, Florida-based PCLiquidations' warehouse workers walk close to 20,000 steps/day. During a 6 week test period, they more than doubled the number of refurbed products they could pull from shelves for customer shipments,

4) Built for business

Safety and Quality

Each pair of Moonwalkers combines powerful gait-based control technology to help protect every user and passersby in public or commercial settings. To receive a copy of Moonwalkers' Safety and Quality data sheet, please enter your business email address below.

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