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SHIFT Moonwalkers™

The world's fastest shoes.

Basic Specs

Top Speed
7 mph

5-7 mi

Product Weight
4.2 lbs each

User Weight limit
220 lbs (100kg)

E-Mobility Certification
UL2271 & UL2272

Power & Control

Rated Power: 300W
Max Torque: 8Nm
Max Slope: 10 degrees
Motor Control: Field Oriented Control
Brake Distance: 2ft on Dry Road
Water Resistant: IP54

Battery & Charger

Battery Capacity: 3.0Ah
Max Accepted Charge Power: 65W each
Charger Type: USB-C PD Compatible
Charge Time: Depending on the wattage of your PD Charger
Battery Management System: Overcurrent/Overcharge/Underdischarge/Over and Under Temperature/Short Circuit Protections

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