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Moonwalkers™ are the first ever wearable mobility device. With an instinctive AI drivetrain, you’re able to walk at the speed of a run. Place a refundable deposit of $50 today to receive your Moonwalkers by summer 2023. Currently Shipping in the US only.

Deposit FAQ

To reserve your shoes, you will need to place a $50 deposit. Once we have a firm delivery date available, we will contact you to collect the remaining amount of $1349.99. If you decide not to proceed with your purchase, the $50 deposit is fully refundable.

Basic Specs

Top Speed
7 mph

5-7 mi

Product Weight
4.2 lbs each

User Weight limit
220 lbs (100kg)

Power & Control

Rated Power: 300W
Max Torque: 8Nm
Max Slope: 10 degrees
Motor Control: Field Oriented Control
Brake Distance: 3ft on Dry Road
Water Resistant: IP54

Battery & Charger

Battery Capacity: 3.0Ah
Max Accepted Charge Power: 65W each
Charger Type: USB-C PD Compatible
Charge Time: 1.5 hours

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Tech Specs


Top Speed


Avg. Range




  1. 2.5x walking speed without extra effort
  2. Speed controlled by your pace
  3. Hands-free, no remote controller
  4. Built for rough urban terrain
  5. Quick to learn
  6. Fits over a variety of shoes
  7. Magnetic quick release
  8. Fast charging via USB-C

Ergonomic hinge design

An ergonomic hinge system allows your foot to naturally bend at your toes, preserving all of your mobility and balance.

Adapt to your shoes

Moonwalkers fit any of your shoes with comfort padding added to the straps to make Moonwalkers disappear on your feet. Magnetic quick-release buckles allow you to take on and put off in seconds.

Traverse through puddles

Moonwalkers are IP54 water resistant and they use an automotive-grade sealing method to ensure that they can withstand rain and smaller puddles.

Gesture Control

Change modes with foot-driven gesture control for seamless transitions between SHIFT and LOCK modes. Simply lift up your heel and turn to enter into SHIFT mode and raise your heel again to go back to LOCK mode.

Charge anywhere

Charge anywhere, anytime, with any certified USB-C PD charger. Fully charge in 1.5 hours for over 6 miles of range.

Engineered with precision

Packed with our custom-built motor controller, precision gearbox, and efficient battery pack in the size of a shoe, and wrapped in an exquisite design.