About Us

It all started on the day that Xunjie almost got hit by a car while scootering to work just a mile away. That's when Xunjie asked himself why he never walked to work - even though that's much safer and more convenient.

People have tried to enhance personal mobility with inline skates, skateboards, or bikes - all of which have a learning curve. But walking, on the other hand, is not only a safe, healthy way of getting around but also part of who we are. So Xunjie made it a mission to enhance walking instead of replacing it.

Upon graduating from Carnegie Mellon's Robotic Institute, Xunjie teamed up with a group of really talented race car engineers, roboticists, and sneaker designers to do one thing - to pack everything you find in an electric vehicle into a form factor of a shoe so that you can effortlessly walk at a running speed.

So there you have it. Five years later and we have Moonwalkers - the world's first electrical shoes that enable you to walk at the speed of a run intuitively and effortlessly.