Introducing Moonwalkers X

Introducing Moonwalkers X

Significantly lighter, quicker, and smarter than the original Moonwalkers model introduced in the spring of 2023, Moonwalkers X have six wheels instead of 10, provide an order of magnitude of greater control and responsiveness, have a tighter turning radius, utilize softer wheels for a lower impact force, and also accommodate smaller shoe sizes.

We're proud to announce that our newest model of robotic shoes are called Moonwalkers X.

Moonwalkers X bring some exciting new updates including:

  • They are significantly lighter — one pound less for each shoe;
  • Incorporate a complete overhaul of the control system, further boosting safety and agility when maneuvering, especially in close quarters;
  • Deliver improved shock absorption to further lower the risk of repetitive injury; and
  • Showcase a fresh new design with modularity and customization in mind.

Additionally, Moonwalkers X will also fit smaller shoe sizes.

Taken in concert, Moonwalkers X are specifically designed for business/commercial use, particularly those applications where employees walk a lot on-the-job, such as in the distribution, logistics, and warehouse marketplace where individuals might walk as many as 30,000 steps per day.

Moonwalkers X are slated to begin shipping in the first half of 2024, with pricing to be released at that time.

“With Moonwalkers X, we’ve redefined lightweight mobility by trimming nearly a pound from the original design,” said Xunjie Zhang, CEO and founder of Shift Robotics, and Moonwalkers inventor.

“Imagine the ease of workers’ boots but with the power of Moonwalkers. Our revamped drivetrain, the magnesium alloy based frame, and the new shock absorbing wheels all come together to offer the smoothest, most efficient warehouse navigation ever.

“In developing X, our focus was clear: enhancing productivity without compromising safety. By collaborating closely with our 3PL partners, we've tuned Moonwalkers X to meet the rigors of warehouse environments with an unwavering commitment to worker safety."


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