Help us build the future of urban mobility. See open positions below.

Gait Control Engineer

The Role
  • You will develop the gait control algorithm by applying sensor fusion and bipedal locomotion control on embedded systems.
  • You will be responsible for rapid prototyping novel algorithms in simulation and evaluating them on the actual prototype.
  • You will will develop control strategies for various poses and gait, implement and evaluate the control system onto the real-world machine.
  • You will solve complex problem through simple and efficient model that runs on low-cost embedded systems with limited computational resource.
  • You will develop production-quality code with the firmware team and own your algorithms from design to production.
Key Requirements
  • Forward and Inverse Kinematics and Dynamics.
  • Sensor fusion and state estimation.
  • Proficient with Matlab, Python or other prototyping language.
  • Demonstrated excellence in real-time control and processing using C and C++.
  • Experience developing, debugging, and optimizing real-time controls on highly dynamic machines.
  • Strong intuition for physical movement in machines, and insight into the physics of motion.
  • Code control and revision tracking.
  • Familiar with RTOS and Cortex based embedded solutions is a plus.

Electronics Engineer

The Role
  • You will be responsible for the electrical design from end-to-end for the innovative robotic shoes: from concept through architecture and design, simulation and analysis, R&D, test and manufacture to production.
  • You will work with firmware team to participate architecture and code review.
  • You will interact with mechanical engineering team to design a tightly integrated electro-mechanical system.
  • You will be responsible for writing firmware scripts and example codes to validate hardware solution.
  • You will learn from leading industry experts with decades of experience and dozens of completed projects from prototype to production.
Key Requirements
  • Solid experience in PCB design and optimizing component placements and routing for motor control and minimal EMC.
  • System integration experience of embedded systems with electronics, firmware, and software.
  • Experienced in the use of MCU and IC devices and their peripheral circuitry including signal conditioning, voltage level translators, etc.
  • Solid experience in board bring-ups including reworking and soldering.
  • Comfortable designing and testing board-level power supplies.
  • Familiar with Field Oriented Control, 100w - 1kW+ power switching circuits, high power semiconductor devices, gate drivers, and protection circuitry.
  • Familiar with analog and power circuitry
  • Proficient with standard EE tools (scopes, digital analyzers etc.)
  • Proficient in Altium Design
  • Experience in JTAG/SWO.
  • Basic level of low-level programming (register access and configuration) for hardware V&V

Community Engagement Manager

The Role
  • Create content strategies across all social platforms to engage/grow our audiences.
  • Manage social posting calendars, source or create content for all channels and identify/manage potential collaborators.
  • Develop, plan and execute processes for populating and measuring all company social media channels.
  • Manage social listening and monitoring and make informed recommendations for engagement, growth and traffic.
  • Constantly explore how Shift can leverage culture and trends
  • Actively seek opportunities to engage influencers, content creators and partners to help populate and promote Shift.
  • Handle all aspects of community management including interacting with our audience, responding to DMs, and liaising with the management team to resolve any issues.
  • Build programs to keep our dedicated consumers/ambassadors engaged and treat them as an extension of our team
  • Monitor feeds across social platforms and moderate comments
  • Catalog user generated content across platforms and work with social team to amplify content
  • Strategize how Tik Tok/Reel can amplify ongoing marketing efforts and campaigns
  • Create short form content that crushes on Tik Tok/Reel. Live and breathe culture and trends. Meme everything. Moderate social channels closely. Engage with fans and brands with Shift energy.
  • Plan and execute all event logistics including but not limited to venue research, contract negotiation, creation/ordering of marketing collateral, promotion, and booking travel accommodations
  • Oversee events on the day of, including directing set-up, problem solving, welcoming guests, communicating with staff, organizing vendors, and managing take-down
  • Manage in-house marketing and event inventory and storage
  • Represent the Shift brand on-site with professionalism, in a way that inspired positivity and good vibes
Key Requirements
  • Expert knowledge of existing and upcoming social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • At least 2 years proven experience managing, engaging with and growing online communities.
  • Knowledge of tools and processes across platforms for community management and social listening.
  • Excellent writing skills including crafting and editing copy and and hashtags for all social posts.
  • Team player who isn’t afraid of hard work.
  • Positive, upbeat and collaborative personality.
  • Ability to multi-task and manage concurrent projects.
  • Willing and able to travel domestically as event schedules require, as much as 40% of work schedule.