Shift Robotics at MODEX 2024

Shift Robotics at MODEX 2024

Get Ready to Be Shocked, MODEX 2024 Attendees, as Moonwalkers Robotic Shoes from Shift Robotics Will Dramatically Cut your Employees “Travel Time” by 250% or More

Shift Robotics will exhibit at MODEX for the first time next week to showcase the ability of Moonwalkers robotic shoes to allow 3PL, Warehouse, Distribution, Retail and Supply Chain employees to walk up to 7mph (up to 3X faster), significantly slashing the number of steps workers take on a daily basis, reducing bodily wear and tear, and more. See us in Booth #A9422.

AUSTIN, Texas and Atlanta, Ga. — March 6, 2024 — Employee productivity gains of 250% or more? That’s the bold claim Shift Robotics will be making next week to some 40,000 projected attendees at MODEX 2024, this year’s largest supply chain exposition in North America, all because of the company’s award-winning Moonwalkers robotic shoes.

Launched early last year, Moonwalkers were named by TIME as a Best Invention of 2023 in part because these AI-powered robotic shoes enable people to safely walk at up to 7mph (up to 3X faster).

Hence, when employees in the third-party logistics (3PL), warehouse, distribution, retail, and supply chain world walk as many as 30,000 steps in a single day, wearing Moonwalkers allow those same employees to safely slash their daily Step Counts to as low as 13,000 steps/day, as highlighted in this short video.

Naturally, taking fewer steps on-the-job in a 3PL environment is definitely easier on one’s body.

That’s why Shift Robotics will be exhibiting at MODEX 24 in Atlanta, Georgia in Booth #A9422 from March 11-14, 2024 — to help innovative executives catch the vision of how Moonwalkers robotic shoes can dramatically boost employee productivity and drive other benefits.

Additionally, the company is accepting reservations from MODEX attendees to sign-up in advance to Test-Walk in Moonwalkers during the conference. To RSVP, click here.

Shift Robotics is also accepting briefing requests from journalists interested in learning firsthand about Moonwalkers during MODEX 2024 who can schedule an appointment by clicking here. {NOTE: Journalists interested in scheduling a briefing before MODEX 2024 should contact David Politis at}

About Shift Robotics

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Shift Robotics is the creator of the “Robotic Shoes” category. Its products — Moonwalkers — are nano-mobility devices that allow users to walk up to three times faster. For more information, please visit

Moonwalkers is a trademark of Shift Robotics, while the various Shift Robotics and Moonwalkers logos are also trademarks of the company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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