Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes! International shipping is now available.

What is the maximum user weight?

220lbs is merely the max RECOMMENDED weight, above which the top speed and range may be slightly affected in some edge cases but will not impact the safety and integrity of the product.

We have, in fact, beta-tested Moonwalkers up to a much higher weight limit.

Again, you can use Moonwalkers like everyone else if you are happy with slightly reduced performance in edge cases like reaching 90%+ of the top speed at the steepest hill.

Can they handle rough sidewalks / debris / cracks / pebbles?

Moonwalkers were designed in Pittsburgh, where there are a ton of crumbling rust-belt-style sidewalks. As a result we engineered an 8-wheel patented drivetrain, consisting of overlapping wheels to simulate much larger diameter wheels to climb over uneven terrain and gravel.

What about puddles of water or the rain?

Moonwalkers use an automotive-grade sealing method to ensure that they can withstand rain and smaller puddles. We recommend that you avoid puddles and only store them indoors when not in use.

What shoe sizes do they work with?

Moonwalkers come in one size, and best fit US Men’s 7.5 to 13 and US Women’s 9 to 13.5. For shoe sizes larger than our recommended range, comfort is reduced due to your toe being extended a bit over Moonwalkers. In beta testing, we tested down to a Women's size 7 and up to a Men's size 14, where they had no issues walking.

Do they work on hills?

Yes. Our AI understands your walking speed, and we multiply it, so there is no freerolling down a hill ever, we have automatic speed reduction for the descents. We also have multiple redundancies and layers of braking protection for reassurance. Going uphill in Moonwalkers is super cool, even the steepest one in town (up to 10 degrees) where you effortlessly walk up the hills at running speed.

How do you stop?

The simple answer is that you just stop walking or slow down your walking pace. Our AI reacts instantaneously to your gait / how you walk and stopping is seamless. From top speed to zero, you can stop within 3 feet, or about the same distance as you would stop if you were jogging.

How long does it take to learn?

10 steps or less is what we have found in our beta testing, which included users from 18 to 60 years old. As long as you can walk, you can easily Moonwalk.

Can you run in Moonwalkers?

While you can run in them, you will not see any speed advantage in speed as we have optimized the performance for 250% of walking speed with a max speed of 7mph.

Do they work on crowded areas?

Our AI has instantaneous response times, so they are super agile, and you can seamlessly move about crowds.