Support / FAQs

Quick Start

  • 1. Charging

    Charging Moonwalkers is the first step after unboxing. They use a USB-C connection and will charge in about an hour with a charger over 50W.

  • 2. Powering On

    Turning Moonwalkers on is the second step after charging. Its simple, but we thought a video would be helpful anyways.

  • 3. How To Walk

    A quick lesson on how to start walking in Moonwalkers.

  • 4. Adjusting Fit

    The better your fit, the better the algorithm works. You want Moonwalkers to have a snug fit to your shoes. Not too loose, not too tight.

  • 5. Understanding Indicators

    Moonwalkers have indicator lights on both shoes to communicate with you. This video shows you how to understand them.

  • 6. Switching Modes

    Change modes with foot-driven gesture control for seamless transitions between SHIFT and LOCK modes.

  • 7. Rough Terrain

    Our patented 8 wheel drivetrain allows you to go over bumps and cracks with ease.

  • 8. Cleaning

    How to keep your Moonwalkers clean to extend their life.

  • 9. Changing Your Wheels

    Just like car tires, Moonwalkers' wheels will need to be replaced after extended use. This video will show you how.