Moonwalkers X

Who are Moonwalkers X for?

Moonwalkers X are engineered for commercial applications, so they're particularly suitable for organizations with extensive premises where substantial walking is a routine part of employee workloads. That’s why these companies are excited to find that our robotic shoes are delivering productivity gains of 2X or more for them.

Can Moonwalkers X be used outdoors?

Yes, they can. But as noted above, they were built specifically for indoor use with smooth floors.

How are they different?

In simplest terms, Moonwalkers X are lighter, quicker, and smarter than the original Moonwalkers. By moving to 6 wheels instead of 10 and adopting the magnesium alloy based drivetrain, Moonwalkers X are nearly 1 lb. lighter per shoe.

Additionally, ShiftOS 2.0 incorporates a complete overhaul of the AI control system, further boosting safety and agility when maneuvering, especially in close quarters.

Plus, the new modular design of Moonwalkers X bodywork means ease of service and customization.

When will they be available?

We plan to begin shipping Moonwalkers X before July 1, 2024.

How much will they cost?

Moonwalkers X are more expensive to build than our original Moonwalkers. Specific details on pricing will be released when we begin shipping Moonwalkers X.

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