ShiftOS 2.0 Release

ShiftOS 2.0 Release

We are excited to introduce a major update to ShiftOS, our AI-powered operating system inside Moonwalkers.

ShiftOS 2.0 includes three major updates:

Update 1: TRAINING Mode is here

With ShiftOS 2.0, we're introducing TRAINING mode, which automatically reduces Moonwalkers’ performance by approximately 50% in acceleration, responsiveness, deceleration, and braking distances. This mode not only makes it easier to learn how to use Moonwalkers for the first time, it also:

  • doubles the distance achievable per charge
  • extends overall battery life
  • reduces motor noise compared to SHIFT mode

Update 2: Gait and Terrain Improvements

Our control algorithm is now 70% more accurate to read a user’s walking information and gait pattern. This enables adaptive and seamless acceleration or deceleration based on their gait and behaviors, as well as terrain variations.

Update 3: Enhanced Responsiveness

We've made some big improvements to overall responsiveness including:

  • Improved startup acceleration results in a smoother transition from stop to acceleration. The updated initial acceleration is increased by 50%, enabling a much more responsive and satisfying experience.
  • Minimize abrupt jerks caused by unintended acceleration, while reducing the time from 0 to top speed by 30%.
  • Quicker deceleration with 14% shorter braking distances, in contrast with the previous version, especially on dry surfaces. Notably, we've prioritized minimizing discomfort and sudden jerks at the end of stops, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable user experience.

To view the full release notes including detailed instructions of how to update your software and use the new features, please click here.


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